Manix Play Condoms (16 Pack)
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    Manix Play Condoms (16 Pack)

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      Manix Play Game condoms which provide for a lot of fun and variety in your love life. Manix Play Game of 16 Sensation Condoms proposes 6 different sorts of condoms: 4 Manix Skyn Original (in Sensoprene, feel like wearing nothing), 4 Manix Contact (fine condoms for intact sensations), 2 Manix intense: nerved and pearled condoms for double stimulation, 2 Manix Extra Pleasure: Exciting shape and nerved texture for an extra stimulation of both partners, 2 Manix Endurance: delaying condoms, 2 Manix Delicious Strawberry: red and strawberry fragranced condoms for a delicious relation, It has a unique shape and gel to delay ejaculation and prolong your sexual intercourse.